Bone Augmentation

The success of dental implants has resulted in greater demand from patients. However, there are circumstances that prevent ideal placement of implants due to soft- and hard-tissue defects. Such defects may arise as a result of infection, trauma, or prolonged tooth loss.

Various augmentation treatments are available to regain lost tissues for more aesthetic and predictable implant placement. In addition, if a site in the mouth is expected to contract, simple procedures can prevent such defects from occurring.

Figure A: If there is inadequate width and height in bone, it becomes unfeasible to place dental implants safely.
Figure B: A few months after the grafting procedure, implants can be placed successfully with the increase in bone.

因為牙齒植體的成功率導致患者對它更大的需求。但是有些軟,硬組織缺損會影響植體植入過程。 這種缺損可能是因為感染,外傷,延長牙齒脫落而出現的。我們診所提供各種幫助您恢復失去的組織治療,讓你可按計劃種植體牙齒植體。

圖 A: 如果有足夠的寬度和高度,骨,它變得不可行安全地放置種植體。
圖 B: 幾個月後的移植手術,植入物可以放在成功地與增加骨。

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