Gum Disease

The most common forms of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. It is essential to control these diseases before proceeding with any restorative treatment, orthodontics, or any form of elective surgery.


This occurs when there is gingival inflammation without loss of connective tissue attachment. Pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives can worsen preexisting gingivitis. This disease is commonly reversible with:

  1. Prophylaxis cleaning of teeth
  2. Correction of plaque-retentive factors
  3. Oral hygiene improvement at home
  4. In a rare cases, surgical correction of gingival deformities
  5. Regular reevaluation and prophylaxis


This disease presents as gingival inflammation in conjunction with pathologic destruction of connective tissue attachment and the coronal portions of tooth-supporting alveolar bone. Many people have these diseases but may be unaware of it.

The best prevention comes from early detection by an oral healthcare provider. Due to the destructive nature of periodontitis, the goals of treatment include arresting the progression of disease, lowering the risk of recurrence, and, where indicated, regenerative therapy to regain the tissues lost to disease. Treatments can include the following alone or in combination:

  1. Scaling and root planing
  2. Surgical access for disinfection
  3. Pocket reduction operation
  4. Regenerative procedures
  5. Regular reevaluation and prophylaxis



發生于牙齿周围及槽突表面的口腔粘膜称之牙龈。懷孕或使用口服避孕藥会惡化已經存在的牙齦炎。 這種疾病通常是可逆的:

  1. 預防清潔牙齒
  2. 牙菌斑固位因素校正
  3. 家中口腔衛生改善
  4. 在極少數情況下手術矯正畸形
  5. 定期重新評估和預防


是侵犯牙龈和牙周组织的慢性炎症,是一种破坏性疾病,其主要特征为牙周袋的形成及袋壁的炎症,牙槽骨吸收和牙齿逐渐松动,它是导致成年人牙齿丧失的主要原因。很多人可能不知道有這疾病。 最有效的預防來自于早期檢測口腔健康護理。 由於牙周炎的破壞性,治療目標包括制止疾病的進展 ,降低復發的風險, 重建失去的組織。 治療方法可以包括:

  1. 刮治和根面平整
  2. 手術消毒
  3. 口袋削減手術
  4. 再生程序
  5. 定期重新評估和預防
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