Gum Recession / Root Exposure

Numerous people have exposed root surfaces for various reasons. The exposed roots can result in sensitivity to hot or cold, compromised aesthetics, and potential progressive wear of roots and tooth structure.

There are various treatment options to address root surfaces. The sooner treatment is initiated after the root exposure is observed, the more predictable the treatment becomes. Furthermore, treatments can reduce the risk of future exposures.

Certain tissue forms and resilience can predict future recessions. Teeth considered as having a high risk of future root exposures can be treated to prevent future exposures. This generally involves increasing the keratinized tissue and gingival attachment.

Figure A, B: Due to inadequate tissue support, many patients experience receding gums. This can be corrected and/or prevented by performing a simple tissue graft.

由於種種原因許多人都有牙根暴露的問題。暴露的根源可能會導致對熱/冷的敏感,破壞笑容,並有可能逐漸磨損牙根和牙齒的結構。牙根暴露有許多不同的治療方案。如果可以在牙根暴露的早期做治療,會更有效。 此外,治療可以降低未來的風險。

某些組織形式和彈性可能會導致將來的衰退。以防止將來的暴露,有高風險的牙齒可以現在做治療。 這通常包括增加牙齦角化組織。

圖 A, B: 由於缺乏足夠的組織支持許多患者的經驗牙齦退化等。這可以糾正和/或阻止執行一個簡單的組織移植。

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