Gummy Smiles

Contrary to root exposure, excessive gum tissue can also impair smile aesthetics. The excessive tissue may be the result of gingival overgrowth or a failure of the teeth to erupt completely from the jaw bone.

The length and width of the teeth need to have designated proportions in order to possess aesthetic appeal. However, patients with excessive gum tissue have to compromise on the length of their teeth, which results in the appearance of “short teeth” or “stubby teeth.”

Figure A: "Gummy smiles" are present in a few patients due to teeth being excessively covered by gum tissue.
Figure B: Excessive gingiva can be adjusted to achieve a more aesthetic tooth-to-gum ratio presentation.

過度的牙齦組織也可以影響的微笑。過多牙齦組織可能是因為牙齦增生顎骨或是牙齒沒有完全從顎骨爆發。 美麗的牙齒需要有指定長度和寬度的比例。 然而,牙齦組織過多的患者使牙齒外觀看起來“短齒“或“矮胖牙齒“。

圖 A:“橡皮糖微笑“存在於少數患者因牙齒被過分牙齦組織覆蓋。
圖 B:過多的牙齦可以調整,以提供更美觀牙齒牙齦的比例介紹。

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